A smattering of my essays have appeared in peer-reviewed journals and databases. Some links:

“The Harm of ‘Swedening’: Anxieties of Nativism in Katherine Anne Porter’s ‘Noon Wine.’” The Southern Literary Journal 43.2 (Spring 2011).

An argument that Helton’s ambiguous racial status as a 19th-century Swedish-American informs and seals his fate.

“Apelles’ War: Transcending Stereotypes of American Indigenous Peoples in David Treuer’s The Translation of Dr Apelles.” Studies in American Indian Literatures 22.3 (Fall 2010).

A study of metafiction and indigenous identities in David Treuer‘s best novel to date.

“Composing Creatively: Further Crossing the Creative Writing/Composition Boundaries.” (co-authored with Chris Drew). Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association 42.1 (2009).

An examination of the unique contribution creative writing teaching assistants can make to the first-year composition classroom.

“Skins Before Reputations: Subversions of Masculinity in Ambrose Bierce and Stephen Crane.” War, Literature and the Arts 18.1&2 (2007).

An argument that Ambrose Bierce and Stephen Crane satirize the masculinity of their day through characters who carry its “virtues” to foolish, dangerous extremes.

“A Tale of Three Lucys: Wordsworth and Brontë in Jamaica Kincaid’s Antiguan Villette.” MELUS 31.2 (2006).

An analysis of the way Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy re-imagines the plot and themes of Charlotte Brontë’s Villette.


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