About Dave

I’m a teacher, author, and editor, a St. Louisan in exile, a vegetarian who sneaks out for the occasional organic steak, an ABD PhD at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a former Peace Corps Volunteer, an obsessive baseball watcher, and a weekly letter writer for Amnesty International. I live in Shorewood, Wisconsin, with my wife Angie, a medical technologist.

My fiction has been lucky enough to find its way into more than twenty journals, including The Southern Literary ReviewThe Sun, Witness, Pleiades, Mid-American Review, Harpur Palate, and Asia Literary Review. You can also find a few of my academic essays through databases, and I’m an editor of the anthology Dispatches from the Classroom: Graduate Students on  Creative Writing Pedagogy, forthcoming in November 2011 from Continuum.

What I’m working on now: The Altruist’s Children, a novel about American and Karen volunteers on the Thai-Burma border; a translation of Malian author Massa Makan Diabaté’s comic masterpiece The Lieutenant of Kouta; a new pair of essays on creative writing pedagogy that I hope to develop into a longer work; and a show of monologues set in Burma’s Karen State, tentatively titled The Leaf and the Thorn.


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