Happy Book Year

I’m happy to say that this new year is starting off with the best of news–my co-edited volume on creative writing pedagogy, Dispatches from the Classroom, is now out in stores and selling well. This book’s a three-year labor of love, dating back to a 2008 MMLA panel in which my co-editors and I, frustrated at the lack of practical books for beginning creative writing teachers, resolved to write one of our own. Written by current graduate students, the essays of our book blend theory and experience to give the nuts-and-bolts suggestions we wish we’d heard in our first year: how to structure a creative writing syllabus, how to set grading criteria for a poem, and how to train students to workshop without bloodshed. And though the essays are grounded in undergraduate workshop experience, it’s a book we hope can help creative teachers of any level.

Check it out at Continuum’s website or Amazon.com–we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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