All Their Riches

My story “All Their Riches,” featuring a Karen refugee’s struggles to resettle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is now up at The Sun‘s website.

Check it out.

You can find the full version in their April issue, now on quality magazine racks everywhere.


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  1. Hi, Dave, I just read your short story in the Sun and was moved to tears in the final scene so I came searching for you. I am editing an anthology of non-fiction on the topic of children and war, to be published in the fall of 2012 by Cinco Puntos Press. I wonder if you’d have a non-fiction story to contribute? They may also publish an anthology of fiction, also edited by me, and I’d certainly be interested in including the Sun story there–but first I thought I’d ask you about the non-fiction. Thanks and I hope to hear from you. You can find out more about my project at my website,


  2. Hey Dave,
    This is Lisa as in Mae Tao Clinic Lisa…. The funniest of happy coincidences just occurred when a woman came to visit the farm where I currently live in Mae Teng, Chiang mai ( when I am not on my now monthly trips to MTC to help out there. THis woman whose name is Rachel Ephraim, told me about this amazing story she had come across when working as a reader at the New Yorker about a Karen woman in the US. When I enquired thinking there was slim chance I would know the writer, she said Dave Yost. So pleased to see that you are such a great writer. The other coincidence that went alog with that one is that since earlier this year after attending a creative writing workshop in Chiang Mai, I started trying writing and so Rachel was also helping me with a couple of short stories that I have written.
    (the wordpress address that shows here is actually my kids blog!)

    Well done and I hope life is going well!


    • Hi Lisa, Great to hear from you, and thanks for passing on that story. I’m also glad to hear you’re doing well and writing yourself! I’d be glad to see some of these if you’re ever interested in passing them along. Best to everybody on your end– Dave


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